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Drama Club

Hastings High School Drama Club

The purpose of the Drama Club is to enhance an awareness of and participation in theater-related experiences through the production of high school plays. Students will be exposed to all aspects of producing a play, from mastering all of the activities that take place backstage to preparing the actors/actresses with the proper skills to be successful on stage. Students will be involved in designing and building the set. After this, students will learn various techniques for producing successful visual effects while painting the sets. After assisting with ordering the backdrops, they will be introduced to the proper techniques for unfolding and hanging the drops, and after the production will learn the proper methods for unattaching and refolding the drops. Students will learn how to replace, adjust, and add lighting fixtures, as well as such items as snow/glitter machines, fog producers, glitterballs, spotlights, and more. Students who choose to do so may learn to operate all of the sound and lighting equipment for the productions. Students preparing to be actors/actresses on stage will receive intense instruction to assist with their character development. Through field trips, students will be given the opportunity to view and critique high school productions presented by other schools in our area. Students will also be provided with opportunities to travel to see university and traveling professional productions and will be given the opportunity to participate in community arts-related events.
Staff Advisor Contact:  Mr. Knapp