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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Students, and all Saxons!


Welcome back for the 2022-2023 school year! My name is Teresa Heide and I am the principal at Hastings High School. I represent HHS with 34 years of elementary, middle, and high school experience, both as a teacher and principal. I’m a proud 1983 graduate of Hastings High School and a strong believer in quality public education!


I sincerely hope that you have had an enjoyable summer and are relaxed and recharged for a great year ahead! Our senior class of 2023 will be the leaders of our building, setting examples for all underclassmen! I am so proud of this class, as they represent the STRONG values of the Mighty Saxons!


Along with our senior leaders, we boast of three great classes of underclassmen. They come to us with a lot of enthusiasm, energy, and a hunger for growth and knowledge! We are certainly blessed to share our Hastings High School space with such talented and intellectual students! 


It is my commitment to ensure the success of each student and the school, by providing the best instructional, extracurricular opportunities and supports possible. Similarly, it is my number one priority at HHS to ensure that every student receives the most well-rounded education possible.


A well-rounded education means challenging and supportive instruction from teachers, as well as extracurricular opportunities, and to explore the world outside of the classroom. As the Principal at HHS, I am committed to ensuring that student needs and interests help shape who they are and will become. Through this shared commitment to learning, I am excited to see students engaged in debate in the classroom, scoring the winning point on the field, performing in the school musical, excelling in one of many CTE classes that we offer, or any other area that piques student interest and passion.


Students are our business and helping them to the next level, whatever that may be, is our goal and ambition! We look enthusiastically upon our privilege to work with such wonderful students and families!


I look forward to a great year ahead! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of our Saxon family if you have any questions, concerns, and ideas that you would like to discuss. 


As always, It’s a GREAT DAY to be a SAXON!! 💙💛