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Construction Trades

The Hastings High School, Construction Trades Program offers entry level classes for all grade levels (Intro to Construction Trades I and II), as well as an advanced class for job site experience building pole barns, decks, ramps, sheds, and other structures (Construction Trades Block Classes).
The Intro Level students are exposed and trained in basic residential construction math, planning and estimating, tools, shop and saw safety certification, electrical, plumbing, framing, roofing, siding, drywall, concrete, and small personal project construction.  Students have two courses to pick from.  Intro I is set up as an exposure and training in the subcontractor category of building a home focusing on Electrical, Plumbing, Framing, etc.  Intro to Trades II is set up to train and gain experience in Shop and Saw Safety with project planning and construction to follow.  Both classes give students hands-on training with a large array of tools, procedures, and construction skills.  Students are not required to take the Intro classes in a particular order, but are required to take them before applying for the Trades Block classes.  
The Construction Trades Block classes are year-long and students are exposed and trained in more advanced construction math and tools, as well as being part of the planning, estimating, layout, and construction of a pole barn.  This class also participates in wheelchair ramp builds for the Hastings Community and plans and builds a shed or deck while the pole barn build is going.  Participants in the Block class also go through a 5 day training in which they receive their 10 hour OSHA card.  Students leaving the HHS Trades Program are very employable in the Trades and have a chance to receive credentials from both the State of Michigan and the Home Builders Association.  Receiving these credentials gets them a few steps closer to receiving their builder's license or job placement in a construction company.  With the credentials earned, students leaving this program go to the front of the line for licensures and employment. 

Quotes from the Teachers

Mr. Hoefler: "First of all, I love my job and the program we have built here at HHS.  I love that it involves exposing and training young adults to the Trades careers that are a part of building and maintaining residential homes and pole barns.  Whether the students aspire to pursue a career in the Trades or simply look forward to being able to put some sweat equity into their own home someday, this program has proven very useful to the student's future plans. We try hard to make it all fun, enjoyable, prideful, and productive.  The Block Trades class in which we build pole barns is a great on the job-site training and skill building opportunity for students looking for a career in residential construction and all the sub-contracting careers that go along with it."
Mr. Hoefler is a 28 year veteran CTE teacher here at HHS and is a past president and current Executive Board Member of the Michigan Construction Teachers Association.  
Mr. Schneiderhan:  "It has been great to be back in the classroom, teaching something that I love!  We have awesome students, I have been so impressed with their willingness and desire to learn and contribute.  Our goal as teachers is to not only teach hard construction skills, but we really focus on behaviors, soft skills and helping our students be productive young citizens." 
Mr. Schneiderhan taught Wood Shop and Home Repair & Maintenance at HHS before becoming an Administrator for the District.  He was employed with Hastings Area Schools for 23 years before retiring in 2016.  Mike came back to the construction classroom in 2021 to partner with longtime friend and colleague, Mr. Hoefler.